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Our 5 Simple Steps to Selling will show you how:

  1. to open a seller's account
  2. to list and manage your ticket(s) on our advertising service
  3. to choose the best price
  4. to send the tickets to the buyer
  5. you receive payment.

Open a seller's account:

  • Go to our straightforward registration page.
  • Enter your name, contact info, billing and delivery addresses
  • We'll send to you an email confirming your account.
  • Thats it - you're ready to trade!
  • Open a Seller's Account today

List and manage your tickets:

  • Pick the event you have tickets for from our list of events on the left-hand column here. If the event is not listed, you can take the lead and add it as a new event and become a primary seller.
  • How many tickets do you have? You can sell them individually to different buyers or all together as one transaction.
  • Add any notes or comments that you think the buyer should be aware of before purchasing the tickets (i.e. your location or other helpful information).

Set your price.

  • Once you have looked at what price other sellers have listed their tickets at, you can go as high or low as you want. Remember: Making the price a bargain will make your tickets a more attractive buy!
  • You can adjust the price or the details of your listing at any time.
  • Don't forget - it's free to list and trade on our site. We take 15% off any sale you make.

The tickets are bought

  • Not only can you list on our advertising service for free, but we also advertise your tickets free, too.
  • You will receive a confirmation email when your tickets are sold. This includes all details of the purchase, including the customer's preferred method of paying and any important notes on delivery.

Send the tickets to the buyer:

  • Choose a courier service to send tickets directly to the buyer.
  • We provide full guidance on what courier services to use and how to arrange the delivery.
  • You send the tickets to the buyer with one of our partner couriers.
  • We reimburse you for the delivery costs.
  • We support you: We send you paperwork to include with the tickets.

Make Money!

  • Your payment arrives within 10 to 14 working days after the event.

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